Bilal has been involved with computers since late 1990s. He started out with computers as a hobby and managed a DOS based community bulletin board service (BBS) back in 1998. He then hosted his own Multiuser Object Oriented (MOO) system, text-based virtual reality chat rooms, over the internet. During this period, he worked on various platforms including DOS, Windows, and Linux. He also pursued several technical certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, CIW and CompTIA to enhance and broaden his knowledge of information technology. Bilal also held the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) designation from 2001 to 2007 before giving it up to pursue other interests.

While pursuing his bachelors degree in engineering, Bilal realized the importance of strategically planning, managing and executing the activities both in the daily life and the professional settings. This further refined his goals and his focus shifted towards the management aspects in a technical environment. This also resulted in the move from pursuing a straight engineering degree to a combined engineering and management degree.

It was only in 2002 that Bilal attended a seminar hosted by one of the local Project Management Institute (PMI) chapters. This was an introductory seminar on project management which challenged the traditional view of project management as being applicable only in the construction industry. Upon further exploration, Bilal realized the true potential of project management and aggressively pursued further learning in this field. Since then, he has attended numerous trainings and gained experience in the project management field through various work terms. Bilal has also shown great interest in the Agile Project Management and worked closely with the Scrum methodology in the past several years.

Bilal also gravitated towards leading process improvement initiatives due to his keen interest in maximizing efficiencies within the organization by eliminating overhead and minimizing operational costs. Consequently, Bilal acquired skills and experience in Lean Six Sigma, Rummler-Brache and Kaizen methodologies to compliment his project management background.

Key Entrepreneurial Projects and Ventures

  • 1998-2006
    CompuCraze Internet Services
    Online service provider specializing in shell hosting (for MOOs and MUDs), email hosting and web hosting.
  • 1998-2002
    CompuCraze MOO
    Text-based virtual reality chat environment based on multi-object oriented (MOO) programming hosted on a Linux server. CompuCraze MOO competed with the pioneers in the virtual reality space such as LambdaMOO, BayMOO and other virtual reality gaming environments called Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs).
  • Early 2000s
    eProjMan (
    A community portal that featured an informational wiki on project management.
  • Early 2000s
    SpreeShop (
    An online shopping mall featuring technology products.
  • Early 2000s
    Online Groups (
    An online community featuring discussion boards on various topics.
  • Early 2000s
    CertPak (
    An online company specializing in development and distribution of online study guides and questions for various technical certifications offered by Microsoft, CompTIA, CIW and other vendors.
  • 1996-1998
    CompuCraze BBS
    DOS-based bulletin board system (BBS) that offered file sharing and emailing features to its user base of over 200 individuals. The BBS operated on a single-line 56K modem prior to the wide availability of internet.